Hi there and welcome on my page. My name is Alex. I'm a romanian student enrolled in the ICT education department ( 4th semester ) at VIA University College and I'm also a freelance graphic designer based in Denmark.

I already have a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineer. Maybe you are wondering why I didn’t pursue a mechanical engineer career? It’s because I wanted to follow my true passion: Programming and Graphic Design (which goes really well together I must say). I still like mechanical engineering very much.

I share a genuine interest for software and game development, art, graphics, shapes, calligraphy, UI , structuring, minesweeper, Tetris, good movies, good music (I hope that the next big trend in music is talent), and collecting foreign paper money and coins.

I’ve been known to have great skills not only in UI experience and structural design but also in communication. I like very much to meet new people and just find out their story.

What I expect from me in the future is to make a difference. Leave my print on something useful for everybody.

My friends say that I’m also funny!